Sunday, February 26, 2006

So I’m back in Melbourne. Whoop-di-friggin-doo! It’s so bloody hot over here. Feels like a perpetual furnace. I so didn’t wanna come back. Only two days back and already so busy. The past two days were pretty much spent running around doing errands. Had to pay uni fees, rent, grab my “free” but oh so hard to get student handbook, sign up for stuff etc. The weather has made everything all the more tiresome. Thankfully Mei was so nice to accompany me, so it wasn’t too monotonous. Well I say you can’t win with Melbourne weather. It’s either too cold, too hot or too wet. Any way, this week is apparently ‘O’ week for the freshies. The madness is ending today. Should I say, “Finally!”? What with uni approved pub crawls and people dressed in giant furry Viking suits in 35 degree heat. I so don’t wanna be around them when they take the darn thing off.

I think the organisational skills at the uni sucks. Well I suppose admin at most uni’s aren’t all that efficient anyway. As I said previously, I had to go get my student handbook. Went to the info counter at the union house and they said it was at Raymond Priestley. Went there and they said it was in the north dinning hall back at the union house. Went there and everything was packed up. Went back to the info counter and asked again whether the handbooks were there and they said yeah. Eerghhh!!! What the hell… send us round a wild goose chase for nothing...!! We just ended up where we started. Another peeving incident was when I wanted to change my subject selection. I had to delete the same few subject at least 3 times over the holidays and again they fiddled with my subjects. So yesterday I went to the front office saying that I’ve made changes on SIS and asked how long it will take to process. I cannot stand the lady behind that counter!! She has a serious attitude problem. She treats you as if you owe her the world for what she’s about to tell you. She makes it sound as if it’s your fault for not doing the changes earlier. When in fact I’ve done it multiple times and sent uncountable emails explaining why. And the bloody people screw it up again and again. Whats even more irritating it’s the same people I’m corresponding with over the holidays… telling them over and over and over. They do all these changes without your consent and conveniently assume you have no idea what you are doing.

I told my friend about it and she totally understood, from personal experience that is. She told me she applied for a teaching job at the uni, but she got rejected. Wait for it… she received a rejection letter for an electrician’s job instead. WT… and a few weeks later they sent her another letter basically saying “ignore the previous letter but you’ve been rejected anyway”.

Another instance was where she couldn’t access careers online on the net. Apparently careers online is a job search website especially for uni students and alumni. My friend used to be a student and could access it once but had problems subsequent times. To access the site you need your student ID and your family name. She mailed the host about the problem and they eventually apologised and provided her with someone else’s student no. and last name. Its freaking hilarious!! This is an example of how admin screw ups can be played in your favour.